AISI Call for Proposals (CFP)

Industry Development and Technology Support Programme 2019/2020

CFP 001/01/11/19

The Industry Development and Technology Support Programme focuses on advancing the involvement of industry in sectors relating to advanced manufacturing in aeronautics, space and defence. Industry is encouraged to apply for funding to industrialise technologies to the advancement of South African niche capabilities and value propositions to support the following:

  • Ensuring partnerships are established between organisations;
  • Accessing national infrastructure and expertise;
  • Accessing new and existing processes, products and methods to enter into the industry;
  • Industrialising technologies from universities and other research institutions;
  • Enhancing industry competitiveness by ensuring appropriate technology transfer interventions; and
  • Integrators and Sub-Systems Suppliers are encouraged to include SMMEs as well as lower-tier suppliers, to ensure the continuous transfer of knowledge, expertise, capabilities and technologies, and in doing so, broadening the industry base.

The AISI realises that there is a need to support the local industry; therefore a Call for Proposals (CFP) is issued aimed at attracting projects that contribute towards the development of the SA aeronautics, space and defence industry, specifically focusing on:

  • Supporting SMMEs and established industry in fostering new technologies; and
  • Developing the local content and capability of South African entities.

The Call for Proposals (CFP) is open to both local INTEGRATORS AND SUB-SYSTEMS SUPPLIERS and SMMEs.


Integrator and Sub-Systems Supplier: A Integrator and Sub-Systems Supplier is a company whose products are used as components in the products of another company. The integrators and sub-systems suppliers generally work closely with the company that sells the finished product and customises designs based on that company’s needs. Only integrators and sub-systems suppliers who are involved in aerospace advanced manufacturing will be considered.

SMME: A manufacturing SMME according to the National Small Business Amendment Act, No 26 of 2003, is defined as having less than:

  • 200 full-time employees;
  • R51 million annual turnover; and R19 million total gross asset value (fixed property excluded)

Kindly find the Call for Proposals (CFP) guidelines and the template that should be completed.



Date of Issue:01 November 2019
Closing Date:18 November 2019, 16:30
Submissions:Deliver hard copies at the CSIR, 627 Building 14F (Reception), Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria, Pretoria, 0184
Queries:AISI Technical Leader
Tel.: (012) 841-4466