The Joint Aerospace Steering Committee (JASC) was established as a result of the findings of the Aerospace Sector Development Plan (SDP). The aim of JASC is to provide strategic positioning for the aerospace and defence industry in South Africa. Through the Department of Trade and Industry’s the dti’s involvement in the commissioning of the SDP, as well as its leading role in developing JASC; JASC and its activities have been positioned as a sector-wide strategic support initiative.

By integrating and utilising policies to strengthen aerospace and defence, JASC aims to facilitate competitiveness improvement programmes, government procurement, supplier development, international and multi-lateral agreements, export support mechanisms and funding for Intellectual Property (IP) exploitation, new product development and exports. It also aims to play a role in South African R&D coordination by influencing research agendas and financing mechanisms, and will also support various skills development initiatives while providing support and funding for technology industrialisation projects, R&D, and industrial infrastructure. JASC aims to achieve the above through the implementation of strategic national flagship projects, managed and implemented by the AISI.

The AISI acts on behalf of the dti and the DST, as custodians of JASC, by hosting the JASC secretariat. The AISI is responsible for ensuring the JASC and its operations are in accordance with the processes and procedures of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), through the CSIR governance structures. Dedicated personnel are tasked to achieve these objectives, and report impact and progress to stakeholders, while ensuring that stakeholders remain informed and engaged. In addition to the secretariat, the AISI contributes to national flagship projects identified by JASC and implemented by the AISI.

To create a focused, globally competitive South African aerospace and defence industry that also serve as a local source of high technologies, skills, and foreign revenue.

To develop, coordinate and manage the aerospace and defence industry capabilities, skills, entities and infrastructure and knowledge to ensure that the industry has sustainable growth, international partnerships in development and production programmes and that the aerospace and defence activities are beach heads for increased national HCD and skills development programmes.


The key objectives of the JASC are as follows:
I. Establish and maintain a national aerospace and defence forum where government, industry, academia and research organisations meet to ensure that Aerospace and defence is coordinated and represented at a national level, especially on;

  • Industry positioning on the national policy and industrial domain
  • Industry support mechanisms
  • Export assistance programmes
  • Identification, definition and management of Flagship projects (large projects that involve industry, R&D organisations and government)
  • Human capital development
  • Establishment and support of local aerospace and defence clusters

II. Facilitate strategic decision making and review of projects
III. Develop and maintain econometric data on the aerospace and defence industries
IV. Develop position papers and provide advice at national level