The AISI’s supplier development interventions provide enabling mechanisms to assist industry to improve its competitiveness, productiveness and quality management systems and in doing so, optimise its operations and procedures to ensure the South African industry integration into global supply chains. The strategic focus remains on SMMEs with the objective of ensuring industry transformation, and the broadening of the economic base participating in the industry. Economic benefits derived through supplier development projects include competitiveness improvement, productivity improvement, improved lead times, improved quality, cost savings, compliance to environmental standards, improved delivery performance, increased customer satisfaction and job creation and retention.

It is the intention of the AISI to focus its future investment in its supplier development programme. The AISI wishes to increase impact by supporting and implementing supplier development enablers, transferring technologies to improve SMME capabilities, and ensuring the appropriate skills and knowledge have been transferred to sustain SMME economic participation.

The AISI Supplier Development interventions will focus on Technology Enhancement, Enterprise Enhancement, Standards and Accreditation and Manufacturing Optimisation.


AISI Supplier Development Model