The AISI achieves impact in industry through focused programme-level interventions benefiting industry. The programmes are designed to assist industry in overcoming challenges faced by industry, and in doing so, ensuring that industry becomes more competitive. The programmes aim to improve the industrialisation processes and introduce technologies into industry, which will ultimately add to its overall competitiveness. This will result in the participation of industry players in the industry, which under normal circumstances would not have been able to participate in the aerospace economy.

Underlying all of the AISI’s programmes is the recognition that SMME development and B-BBEE/ transformation-focused projects, aiming for the industrialisation of technologies, are a prerequisite for the programmes to be successful in supporting the national imperatives.

 The AISI will therefore ensure that there is a proactive cross-cutting approach to support SMME development and B-BBEE/transformation promotion across its programmes, with the aim of supporting the industrialisation of technology to improve the competitiveness of the local industry.